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Dr. Anne Adamson, DDS


Dr. Adamson is a co-founder of A Simple Smile and a General Dentist. Dr. Adamson spent a year in Senegal prior to dental school, teaching at a bilingual academy in Dakar. While in Senegal she received a grant to lead a project focused on malaria education and prevention in rural areas. While working on this project, Dr. Adamson witnessed first-hand the barriers preventing equal access to health care, specifically oral health care. Once in dental school, she spearheaded the organization of a free dental treatment clinic and oral health education project in Senegal. Through her collaboration with both her dental school in the U.S. and Cheikh Antra Diop University in Dakar, she successfully ran this project for 6 consecutive years from 2014-2019. This year, with the help of her partners in Senegal, Dr. Adamson co-founded A Simple Smile to formalize the project and its mission - to help break down access-to-care barriers through community education and partnerships with local healthcare providers. 

Dr. Adamson is a 2015 graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and served in the U.S. Navy for 5 years. She currently works in private practice in Michigan.


Dr. Malick Sembene, DDS


Dr. Sembene is a co-founder of A Simple Smile and a Periodontist. He is a graduate of the Cheikh Anta Diop School of Dentistry, where he completed his specialty training in the field of periodontics. Dr. Sembene also received a Fulbright Scholarship to further his education in the U.S. He studied under world renowned periodontist Dr. Genco at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Sembene and Dr. Adamson met in 2012 through mutual connections from the University at Buffalo. Since that time, he has played an integral role in organizing and facilitating Dr. Adamson's humanitarian efforts in Senegal. Dr. Sembene's clinical expertise and unique knowledge of the country and culture are vital to promoting oral health education and training local community health workers in Senegal.

Dr. Sembene currently works in private practice in Dakar. As a former dean of the dental school at Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dr. Sembene continues to work closely with students and dental faculty in Dakar. He is passionate about expanding access to oral healthcare for everyone in Senegal.


Matthew Bullard


Matt Bullard is a 2012 graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and veteran Naval Flight Officer with 8 years of active duty service. His career included 5 deployments spanning from the Persian Gulf to the Pacific, living in Japan, and flying off of aircraft carriers. In 2020 Matt decided to hang-up his flight suit in order to help fulfill Anne’s dream of owning a dental practice and pursue his own passions. Matt, Anne and Lola (their dog) live in Alaska where they continue to grow their businesses, as well as find time to enjoy the great outdoors and travel. 

How did Matthew become involved in an oral-health-focused non-profit organization, you may ask? 

Well, he was lucky enough to marry Dr. Adamson. He went on his first trip to Senegal with Dr. Adamson in 2019 and recognized the potential of the program. With his business and leadership experience, Matthew assisted in developing a business plan and filing 501(c)3 status for A Simple Smile. He is the silent figure behind the organization who keeps everything running smoothly.

Help us provide quality oral healthcare & education to rural communities in Africa.

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